Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well the first day of the New Year was productive around here, I blocked off the garden area, spread the compost on top, if the weather holds out next weekend I might see if I can find someone to till it under otherwise will wait for the spring. Planned out the plants today, will work on the spacing and row alignments tonight. I think I am also going to set up a couple of raised beds as well. Still looking for some Dew Berry plants (man I love Dew Berry Jelly).
Babies are growing, chickens are increasing egg production (Sabrina as soon as the banty's start laying again I will let you know), but Cali is still not producing much milk. I know she is a first timer so I hope that is all that is wrong. Yesterday we cut our herd in half so we are down to 7 goats, and 1 of them has a deposit placed on her while her brother might be sold so wow talk about a cut back from 12 to 5!!!
Talked to mom today about the possibility of getting some Cornish X's for meat and she was not to impressed, something about eating something that you have raised doesn't settle with her. Gonna have to work on that cause that is the whole idea of the self-sufficiency that I want to achieve here on the farm.
Also don't forget we still have some Homemade Goats Milk Soap available.


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